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Glossary of Terms
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Faceplate TurningFaceplate Turning-The process of turning a project on a lathe such as a bowl, cup, vase or other piece with a hollowed-out center. Faceplate turning enables this hollowing because unlike spindle turning, the workpiece is usually only supported on one end during operations.

Feather Board-A special safety device with many slender, springy “fingers” that press against a workpiece during operations to maintain the stock's position in relation to the blade or cutter and helping to keep hands out of the danger zone.

Feather Board

Fence Straddler-A unique, adjustable safety device that has been designed to straddle the rip fence on a table saw and serve as a pushing device during rip cuts. The fence straddler is especially useful when cutting strips that are too narrow to permit the use of a push stick or push block.

Fence ExtensionFence Extension-A special, shop-made extension that is attached to the fence of a table saw, jointer or other piece of machinery and used to extend its length or height for specialized operations or to provide additional workpiece support. The use of such an extension often improves the accuracy of the cut as well as the safety of certain operations.

Finger Lap JointFinger Lap Joint-A very strong corner joint in which a series of square or rectangular “pegs” are formed on one workpiece to mate with interlocking, matching recesses on the adjoining piece. Finger joints are most often used in drawer and box construction, and are sometimes called a “box joint”.

Fixture-A special aid or device that is used to guide a workpiece through a cut or help position stock accurately for a specific operation. Fixtures are most frequently used for repetitive operations or in production situations where precision is critical, often providing the added benefit of improved operator safety.

GrindingGrinding-In woodworking, the process of shaping metal with a motor driven abrasive wheel or grinding disc, usually in preparation for honing.

Grit-A term most commonly used to describe the fineness or coarseness of “sandpaper” and other abrasive materials. This degree of coarseness is ex-pressed by a grit number.

GrooveGroove- A U-shaped, square-cornered cut in the surface of a board that is cut with the grain of the wood (not across it). Used in joinery as well as for decorative purposes.


Guide PinGuide Pin-In overarm or pin routing, the center pin that protrudes up from the surface of the machine table and is used to guide a duplicating fixture through its cuts.

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