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Glossary of Terms
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HoningHoning-The final step in the process of sharpening an edged tool, after the blade or edge has been ground to the proper size and correctly shaped for its intended use. Honing which is done by hand removes the fine “wire edge” or burr that is formed during filing, grinding or shaping of the cutting edge on a coarse stone.

IndexingIndexing-In woodworking, the rotation of a round or cylindrical object a specified number of degrees for the purpose of performing a given operation. This process is most frequently used when drilling holes around the circumference of a circular object in the drill press mode, but can also be applied to reeding or fluting operations on the lathe or routing system.

KerfKerf -The slot that is created when a saw blade passes through a piece of stock.

Key-A small piece of wood that is used to strengthen or accent the corner joints of mitered projects. With keyed joints, the project is usually assembled and glued together first. Then, after the glue has dried, the keyways are cut and the keys are glued into position. Keys can be virtually any shape (square, dovetail, “butterfly”, etc.) and are, in most cases, visible after assembly.


Kickback-A dangerous situation whereby a rotating blade, cutter or disc “grabs” a workpiece and throws it backwards in the direction of rotation. Kickback is best prevented by using accurate alignment and the appropriate safety devices such as the upper saw guard and feather boards, and by feeding your workpiece into the cutter slowly without forcing and supporting the workpiece properly.

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