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Glossary of Terms
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Laminate-The bonding together of two or more pieces of material for decorative or strengthening purposes. An example of decorative lamination is a countertop made of plastic material glued to the surface of particleboard or flakeboard. An excellent example of lamination for strength is provided by ordinary plywood. Lamination can also be used for gluing up bent wood projects without the use of steam, chemicals or water.

Lap JointLap Joint-A common term that can be applied to several different types of joints in which one piece of wood overlaps and fits onto or into another. As a rule, the surfaces of lap joints are usually flush when assembled.



Loading UpLoading Up-A term most commonly used to indi-cate that abrasive materials such as sandpaper, grinding wheels and sharpening stones are becoming clogged-up with wood or metal particles. Can also be applied to the loading of the twist grooves in drill bits. "Loaded" abrasives or other tools should be cleaned or replaced to restore their cutting efficiency.

Mill Marks-Small parallel ripples or ridges produced on the surfaces or edges of wood by planer knives, joiner knives or saw blades. In the case of planer or joiner knives, these imperfections can be caused by nicks in the blades, improper knife settings, feeding the stock too rapidly or taking too deep of a cut in a single pass. In the case of saw blades, virtually all blades (with the possible exception of certain hollow-ground blades) produce mill marks.

MiterMiter-A joint where the meeting angle of two pieces of stock is divided. For example, the 90° corner of a picture frame is usually created by cutting two mating 450 miters. This same 900 corner angle could also be divided and produced with a 60° cut and a 30° cut.

Molding-The process of creating decorative surfaces on workpieces using a molder accessory.


MortiseMortise-A hollowed-out hole or recess that is usually rectangular in shape and formed to accept a matching tenon for joinery purposes. Mortises can be created with a mortising bit and chisel, a router bit, a series of overlapping drilled holes or an ordinary hand chisel. Mortising is the process of cutting such a hole or recess.

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